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Hi, my name is Faith. I like to think I am deep and mysterious, sometimes confusing and mostly wonderful. A beautiful note in the rhythm of nature and the universe. A type of music. Maybe a song. Me.

  • Good morning.

    “Good morning and thank you for a good nights sleep and another beautiful new day!” That’s what I say when I wake up in the morning. Truth is I didn’t sleep well at all and it’s a miserable, shitty weather day out there. But, I can stand up, see, hear, think, feel, and stretch my arms and legs. I’m lucky.

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  • Luck.

    I didn’t think so at the time, but I was pretty reckless when I was young. From like age 15 to 23. I had some pretty bad accidents. Cars mostly, but not all. I was a good driver, honestly. I figured I was just lucky to survive all the wrecks and relationships . Now I question if it was just

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